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Get a FREE - Market Rent Report of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE - Market Rent Report of your rental property. Start here!

Finding a Rental Home in Ft. Myers with Fido or Fluffy

Whenever you find yourself looking for a pet-friendly rental home in Ft. Myers, the extra challenge will be to help potential landlords accept your animal and to help them understand that you are a responsible owner. Of course, your pet — your constant companion ­— means the world to you, but you undoubtedly understand that not everyone shares that view.

 Landlords can have legitimate (and sometimes unchallengeable) reasons for disallowing pets in their rental home. Some may have encountered a bad experience with animal waste, scratched floors or doors, dog attacks, or just incessant barking and the neighbor complaints that creates. Because pet-friendly rental homes in Ft. Myers aren’t always in plentiful supply, give yourself ample time to look. Check the local ads, contact your Ft. Myers real estate agent for referrals to property management agencies, and visit animal care agencies several weeks before your planned move.

Once you locate a likely rental home in Ft. Myers, come prepared with proof that you and your menagerie are worthwhile tenants. Providing documents can go a long way toward demonstrating that you are an unusually responsible pet owner. Proof of vaccination, licensing, a recommendation letter from a previous landlord — even receipts from the dog walker you hire to make sure Spot doesn’t bark all day while you’re at work — can help pacify the fears of dubious lessors.

Be prepared to pay extra fees (such as an extra security deposit) to cover potential pet damage to the rental home. In some difficult cases, you might want to consider offering an additional “pet rent” to help sway a landlord to entrust their Ft. Myers rental home to you. The market varies, but as little as an extra $25 per pet per month can sometimes win the day. Finally, be sure your lease spells out the property owner’s rules and regulations as well as your rights as a pet-owning lessee: that protects everyone.

With enough advance planning, you WILL find a home for you and your pet. And when you’re ready to take the leap into homeownership (where you can have all the four-legged roommates you want!), I’m always here to help!

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