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Get a FREE - Market Rent Report of your rental property. Start here!

Credit History Trouble and Ft. Myers Residential Rentals

Would-be tenants for the best Ft. Myers residential rentals can find it tough going when a tarnished credit report is part of their financial profile. As the economy continues its slow-mo bounce-back, many individuals and families who have weathered the worst of the downturn find themselves saddled with credit scores that are unpleasant reminders of lost jobs, cutbacks, and the rest. Even if some of the most desirable residential rentals in Ft. Myers are plainly within your ability to pay, earlier credit slipups can create a roadblock. A low score is a problem for landlords. They may sympathize, but still must decide between you and other applicants who, by the numbers, present a more prudent choice. There is no shortcut that will guarantee that a credit-challenged applicant will land his or her choice of residential rentals 100% of the time, but I can offer some insights into the traits that most often reward others in the same boat. They’re pretty straightforward: Unblinking honesty. Address your credit history — and the reasons it’s still disappointing — in a personal discussion with the decision-maker (landlord or agent). Just about everyone understands that life isn’t always fair, that everyone has made some bad judgments, and that success usually requires learning from a failure or two. Since your credit score will never go unnoticed, take the issue on directly and without embarrassment. Persistence. Be willing to comb through the available Ft. Myers residential rentals for as long as it takes to land one that you are happy to call “home.” It really is true that toughing your way through multiple rejections builds character. When you feel discouraged, take the day off — but then bounce right back and go at it again! Maturity. Rebuilding a strong credit score doesn’t just take time, it takes the ability to delay gratification. Even if it turns out that some of the best Ft. Myers residential rentals are out of reach right now, if you are willing to forego the temptations of a charge card lifestyle, eventually you will succeed. And if I can be helpful anywhere in the process, do give me a call!

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